Three thousand years ago, the Greeks landed on the Calabrian coast. On their boats there were vine plants destined to make history.

Grandfather Alberto had a little map of Calabria: there our town Bianco was pinpointed with a tiny barrel.

The Greek settlers could not have found a better place to establish their new colonies: a beautiful landscape, sunkissed and windy, the most fertile soil, a generous sea full of fish. Enotro, that’s the name of their leader, could see that at long last, Magna Graecia was possible. His son Italo followed in his father’s tracks… and the rest is History.

The settlers brought many things with them and one of these was their wine; but they didn’t bring just the ready-to-drink beverage, they brought the entire grape vine plants. This gave them the opportunity to plant entire new vineyards – which flourished thanks to our rich in minerals Calabrian soil – and make wine the way the always had for centuries. This was the beginning of Calabria’s incredible, varied and rich history of winemaking.