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Dromos Bianco

Dromos bianco nasce da uve Mantonico bianco, per questo è color giallo paglierino con riflessi dorati, sentori di frutta gialla matura, corpo pieno, retrogusto fresco e minerale.

Perfetto l’abbinamento con pietanze a base di pesce.

Ama chi lo ama per condividere momenti di spensieratezza.


Dromos Orange

Dromos Orange is a very special macerated white wine. Made with the two grapes traditionally used to make passito wine, Greco and Mantonico, it acquires a splendid golden color that seems to be the very Calabrian sun turned-into-wine. It is fresh and mineral, yet war and that’s why it is so versatile when it comes to pairings.

Dromos Rosso

Per produrre il Dromos rosso, abbiamo optato per un uvaggio di un antico vigneto ad alberello di Nerello Calabrese e Gaglioppo.

Perfetto esempio di recupero alla produttività di un vigneto di circa cinquant’anni, che il vecchio e saggio sapere contadino aveva piantato mischiando diverse varietà. Oggi ne otteniamo il Dromos rosso, un vino strutturato, ricco di tannini, sentori di more di rovo. Persistente, è piacevole al naso e al palato.


Greco di Bianco

Greco di Bianco is a legedary passito wine that dates back to Magna Graecia. Today its unique taste and aroma are perfect ambassadors of Calabria: it is safe to say that this peculiar passito wine embodies the history of the Mediterranean Sea and Costa Jonica. A most distinctive combination of aroma and taste, bergamot and honey, figs and the sea breeze itself, this rich passito wine is more than meets-the-glass: it is an experience for the true connoisseur.


Mantonico is a warm and velvety passito wine 100% made with legendary Calabrian grapes from where it also gets its name. The harvest takes place during the second half of September and the grapes are handpicked and subsequently placed to dry under the sun, as it has always been the customary process for making this unique sweet wine. The result is a beautifully amber-colored wine, rich with hints of typical Calabrian herbs and fruits. Mantonico can be savoured both at room temperature or colder for an unforgettable aperitif.




Piroci is a red wine that perfectly embodies the magic of our Costa dei Gelsomini (the Coast of jasmine flowers). Even its name was choosen to better evoke the Calabrian traditions that have accompanied the happy childhood of our company’s head Mariolina Baccellieri: piroci means spinning top.

Made 100%  with Nerello Calabrese  , an autochthonous grape variety, it is harvested in September and October, each grape handpicked. Piroci is beautifully red, warm and full bodied. Its percistence coupled with ripe fruits and spicy hints maes it perfect with every meat, more elaborate dishes or seasoned cheese.


Siccagno is result of a happy intuition: an early harvest and a different winemaking process for the Greco di Bianco grapes, traditionally used to make the legendary passito wine . Siccagno is a fresh and fruity white wine, persistent and particularly amiable.

Siccagno is pure magic just like its color, with its intense aroma and unique taste, impossible to forget.


 Violet is an extraordinary rosè wine: made with Nerello and Gaglioppo from organic farming, the care with which it is made results in an unique not-your-ordinary- rosè wine. The intense pink color heralds the elegant aroma of red fruits. Very versatile and fresh, can be paired with almost everything: from typical Mediterranean cuisine to edgy aperitifs.