Greco di Bianco

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Greco di Bianco is a legedary passito wine that dates back to Magna Graecia. Today its unique taste and aroma are perfect ambassadors of Calabria: it is safe to say that this peculiar passito wine embodies the history of the Mediterranean Sea and Costa Jonica. A most distinctive combination of aroma and taste, bergamot and honey, figs and the sea breeze itself, this rich passito wine is more than meets-the-glass: it is an experience for the true connoisseur.


Grapes: 100% Greco di Bianco

Harvest: September

Vinification: drying for 10 days; soft pressing

Fermentation: temperature controlled

Aging: a minimum of 13 months in steel

Refinement: French tonneau

Color: golden yellow

Aroma: intense, persistent, ethereal, fruity with flower hints

Taste: sweet and warm, honey and dried figs

Service: 8°/10° C or 16°/18° C

Pairing: Cakes and sweets, seasoned cheese, patè de fois gras, but it can also be enjoyed by itself as a meditation wine.

14,3% vol.

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Weight 0.5 kg

Bottiglia 500 ml, Confezione da 6

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