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The origins of our Company date back to the XVIII Century


We produce citrus fruits, bergamot oranges and olive oil, but our crown jewel is the production of the raisin wine (or passito) known as Vino Greco di Bianco.

Producing this peculiar raising wine requires commitment and our current owner, Mariolina Baccellieri, willingly went all in on the hard task of bringing the Greco wine –and its vineyard- back to its old glory, like it used to be in the mid 1980’s thanks to C.A.C.I.B., a farmers’ cooperative her father Vincenzo was part of. Mariolina clearly inherited her passion for this grape variety from him.

The purpose of our Company is –as it always was and always will be- producing an actual wine-from-the-vineyard as per the millennial tradition that characterizes the Greco raising wine.
Ever since, this path we choose has been so rewarding we now know we are doing it right, a certainty that motivates us in persevering and pursue our vision.

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